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    Business Law

  • A Guide to Health and Safety

    Healthy and SafetyNot the most exciting of terms, but an essential area for any business to get right. Read our guide to find out how...

  • Choosing and Protecting Your Business Name

    Business NameA well-chosen name can play a powerful part in building your business and contributing to its profile and success. Discover how to find the perfect business name...

  • Business Strategy

  • What is SWOT Analysis

    What is SWOT AnalysisA SWOT analysis can provide you with a clear indication of how your business is doing, and identify areas for improvement. Here’s how to carry one out...

  • Writing a Business Plan

    Writing a Business PlanUnless everyone involved in your business knows precisely where and how the business is progressing, it can be very easy to fall off course...

  • Employment

  • A Business Guide to Good Leadership

    A Business Guide to Good LeadershipWe look at what makes a good leader and how to make leadership work in practice for your small business...

  • Communicating with Employees

    Communicating with EmployeesGood communication with employees is an essential part of a well-run business. Read up on some vital tips here...

  • Finance & Money

  • How to Value a Business

    How to Value a BusinessWhether you are buying, selling, raising investment or just curious to see how your business is doing, a business valuation can provide business owners with a wealth of important knowledge....

  • Crowdfunding: What You Need to Know

    Crowdfunding: What You Need to KnowIf your business needs an injection of capital, could crowdfunding be the way to achieve it?

  • Green Business

  • Why Businesses Should Care About Sustainability

    Why Businesses Should Care About SustainabilityDiscover why achieving the status of being ‘sustainable’ could be the difference between mere survival and success, opening doors to new business and improving your profit margin....

  • Obtaining Green Funding

    Obtaining Green FundingFind out what funds are available for green and sustainable businesses and where to look for government support...

  • IT & Telecoms

  • Cloud Computing: How Can it Boost your Business?

    Reduce CostsA move to the cloud could help your small business boost efficiency and cut costs. Find out how...

  • Setting Up a Virtual Office

    Increase ProfitThanks to technology, expensive offices are no longer the only option. Could a virtual office be the right choice for your small business?

  • Sales & Marketing

  • Develop your Marketing Strategy

    Marketing Strategy - What is Marketing Strategy?If your business does not yet have a marketing strategy then it is definitely time to read our article and develop a course of action...

  • 15 Tips for Writing the Perfect Press Release

    15 tips for writing the perfect press releaseStuck on writing your first press release? Read these 15 top tips from a season PR veteran and write the perfect press release...