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Your Firm and the Data Protection Act: A Guide

What do I need to bear in mind when recruiting staff?

Taking on new members of staff is often the situation where businesses run into data protection considerations for the first time, and so there are some specific considerations you should be aware of. In particular:

  • Be open – let potential recruits know exactly who you are, and notify them in advance if you plan to collect information on them.
  • Keep interview questions focused and relevant – don’t ask off-topic questions unless they pertain to the selection process in some way, and tread very carefully around asking for sensitive information, such as a candidate’s religion.
  • Keep interview notes objective and limited – remember that any unsuccessful candidates could request to see a copy of the information you have on them, so keep your notes related to the selection process.
  • Destroy your files on unsuccessful candidates
  • – however, you should keep enough files to justify your selection of another candidate if a rejected hopeful claims discrimination against you.

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