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Motivating Employees
What is Motivation About?
No 'us and Them'
Agree Goals
Praise and Criticism
Handling Disagreements
Building Up New Skills
Pay As a Demotivator
Make the Work Interesting
When Times Are Difficult

Motivating Employees

8. Make the Work Interesting

8.1 You need to know which employees are ambitious and which are likely to be content to stay in the same jobs.

  • Identify which employees have the capacity to learn new skills.

8.2 Take any opportunities that arise to make people's jobs more satisfying.

  • Increasing the variety of tasks employees undertake makes work more stimulating.
  • Giving employees the chance to shoulder more responsibility increases their sense of involvement.
  • Swapping people around so they try each other's jobs and appreciate each other's roles develops versatility and team spirit.

8.3 You risk losing talented employees if they are underused, frustrated or bored.

  • Ask them what you could do to make their jobs more rewarding.
  • Ask employees the key question: 'If you could improve just one thing about your work situation, what would it be?'
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