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Motivating Employees: A Guide for Business Owners
What is Motivation About?
No 'us and Them'
Agree Goals
Praise and Criticism
Handling Disagreements
Building Up New Skills
Pay As a Demotivator
Make the Work Interesting
When Times Are Difficult

Motivating Employees: A Guide for Business Owners

How can I make the work more interesting?

You risk losing employees if they feel their job is boring or pointless. Take any opportunity you can to increase job satisfaction, including:

  • Increase the variety of tasks: Monotony leads to boredom. Mix things up for your employees whenever you can.
  • Give people more responsibility: This increases their stake in the company and sense of involvement.
  • Swap people around: Not only does this, again, stave off monotony, it will give people a better sense of what everyone’s role is, further developing team spirit.

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