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A Guide to NVQs for Business
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A Guide to NVQs for Business

How do I become an approved NVQ centre?

If you are a larger company, it might make sense to take all your NVQ training in-house by becoming an approved centre. Whilst this might involve a larger up-front cost, you will save money on external providers in the long run. Additionally, using your own employees to assess NVQs will encourage them to take an active role in monitoring the performance of staff.

Follow these steps to become approved:

  • Select your assessors: These should be senior managers or administrators. Generally, you will need around one NVQ assessor for every six candidates, one internal verifier for every ten assessors, and an overall centre co-ordinator to oversee the whole process.
  • Put a submission together: You need to prepare a submission to the awarding body demonstrating you have the required resources and structure in place. Contact your awarding body for guidance on this.
  • Wait for the awarding body to get in touch: Generally, after you have applied, your awarding body will get in touch to take you through the next steps of the process.
  • Train your assessors and verifiers: Again, contact your awarding body for guidance, but it generally takes up to six months to train people in their own assessment and verification NVQs. Most companies will use an external provider for this.

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