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Paternity - Leave & Pay
A Basic Summary
Start Dates
Statutory Paternity Pay
Notice Of Intention To Take Paternity Leave
Self Certificate
Contractual Benefits
Return to Work after Paternity Leave
Protection from Detriment and Dismissal
Employers' Recovery of Payments
Right to Apply to Work Flexibly
Changes to Maternity Rights
Rights to Paid Leave for Adoptive Parents
Rights To Parental Leave And Time Off For Dependants
Further Information

Paternity - Leave & Pay

Contractual Benefits

Employees are entitled to the benefit of their normal terms and conditions of employment, except for terms relating to wages or salary (unless their contract of employment provides otherwise), throughout their paternity leave. However, most employees will be entitled to Statutory Paternity Pay for this period. If the employee has a contractual right to paternity leave as well as the statutory right, he may take advantage of whichever is the more favourable. Any paternity pay to which he has a contractual right reduces the amount of Statutory Paternity Pay to which he is entitled.

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