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A Guide to Personal Development Plans for Business
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A Guide to Personal Development Plans for Business

Who is involved in the PDP process?

If you have a system of PDPs in your business, you should commit to giving everyone a PDP in the interests of fairness and consistency. Employees who will particularly benefit include:

  • Junior employees: PDPs will help them to map out their career path and set their goals accordingly.
  • Long-serving staff: A PDP can help break a long-serving member renew stagnant motivation.
  • Managers: PDPs will keep senior people motivated, guarding against creeping complacency.

When it comes to developing PDPs for individuals, you should generally give your line managers or other senior employees control over the process. They may well need training in how to manage PDPs effectively – you can even build these skills into their own PDP. Your local business support organisation or the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development will be able assist you with your training needs.

More generally, you should try and foster a mutually supportive learning culture in your business to help people achieve their objectives. Get senior employees involved in mentoring less experienced employees.

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