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A Small Business Guide to Handling Redundancies Safely
Genuinely Redundant?
Employees’ Rights
The Redundancy Process
Avoiding Redundancies
Choosing the People
Voluntary Redundancy
Statutory Payments
Normal Payment Practice
Keeping Up Morale

A Small Business Guide to Handling Redundancies Safely

How should I select which employee(s) to make redundant?

You are free to select employees to make redundant based on your own criteria – but you must show that these criteria were reasonable, non-discriminating, and applied consistently. Here are several criteria you might consider adopting.

  • LIFO. Last in, first out.
  • Performance. You must be able to show objective measures exist to monitor this – having an appraisal system in place will help with this.
  • Skills and experience.
  • Attendance record.

Your criteria must NOT discriminate against age, class, gender, race, sexuality, marital status, religion, etc. In addition;

  • Don’t make employees redundant who are on maternity leave. Consult and wait until she has returned to work.
  • Don’t make employees redundant based on union membership or for acting as representatives.