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A Small Business Guide to Working Time Regulations
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A Small Business Guide to Working Time Regulations

The law is more complex than you think. Get the run-down on working time regulations here

Designed to protect the health and wellbeing of employees, working time regulations almost certainly apply to you if you run a business with staff. It’s important you stay within the law here, as a failure to comply could leave you with an unlimited fine and even jail time.

Luckily, working time regulations are fairly simple - as long as you get to grips with the formulae involved. This article should provide all the basic information you need to know as a small business – from explaining the current maximum working week and how this applies to night work, to how much break time you need to give your staff; in addition to this we also look at how to deal with holidays and leave, and your paperwork obligations.

As long as you understand all the info in this article, there’s no reason why you should fall foul of the law.