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Corporate Venturing
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Deferral relief
Relief for losses
The investing company
The issuing company
The investment
Circumstances in which investment relief may be withdrawn or reduced
Company reorganisations, reconstructions and amalgamations
Using the Corporate Venturing Scheme
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Corporate Venturing

Further information


The provisions for the Corporate Venturing Scheme are in section 63 and schedules 15 and 16 of the Finance Act 2000.


The Small Company Enterprise Centre can be contacted by

Small Company Enterprise Centre
Ty Glas
CF14 5ZG


Guidance on the CVS for the HMRC's own use is published in accordance with the Code of Practice on Access to Government Information. It is not available separately, but is included in the Venture Capital Schemes Manual (VCM). This can be viewed at any HMRC Enquiry Centre (addresses are in your local phone book under 'HMRC').


HMRC Statements of Practice can be found in our booklet IR131 'Statements of Practice'. Three Statements of Practice applying to the CVS were published in August 2000 and are available in the IR131 'Statements of Practice Supplement 2000' published in November 2000.

Two existing Statements of Practice were extended to include the CVS, they are

  • SP 2/ 00 - 'Venture Capital Trusts, the Enterprise Investment Scheme, the Corporate Venturing Scheme and Enterprise Management Incentives: Value of "gross assets" ' (formerly SP 5/ 98)
  • SP 3/ 00 - 'Enterprise Investment Scheme, Venture Capital Trusts, Corporate Venturing Scheme, Enterprise Management Incentives and Capital Gains Tax Reinvestment Relief: Location of activity' (formerly SP 7/ 98).

The third Statement of Practice applying to the CVS is

  • SP 1/ 00 - 'Corporate Venturing Scheme; applications for advance clearance under Part X, Schedule 15, FA 2000'.

The text of this Statement of Practice is included as an Appendix to this guide.

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Department of Trade and Industry

Information on help for small businesses can be obtained from the Small Business Service (a Government department)

Trade associations

You can obtain information about the venture capital industry from the British Venture Capital Association (BVCA) by phoning 020 7240 3846.

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