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How to Set Up and Run an E-Commerce Site
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How to Set Up and Run an E-Commerce Site

As mentioned before, developing an e-commerce site gives you a shop that can be accessed and purchased from by anyone, anywhere, and at any time.

  • Attract new customers. Having a website gives you access to a whole raft of new potential customers – customers who live overseas, or customers who stumble across your whilst browsing or searching, and so on. If you are in a particularly niche market it is a much easier way for customers with an interest in your offerings to find you.
  • Cut costs. You do not need to pay rent or in-store employees when operating a website. You may also cut down on the costs of holding and ordering stock – if you hold the stock yourself or if your suppliers deliver to customers directly, such costs will be vastly reduced.
  • Facilitate orders. With a website, customers can buy and order from you directly.
  • Monitor buying habits. With a website, your customers can easily re-order their favourite purchases, and see related items that they might wish to buy.
  • Allow for downloads. If you sell information or software, customers can download their purchases as soon as they’ve bought them.
  • Improve your after-sales service and support. You can offer a better service for you exisiting customers.
  • Have immediate success. If offer the right price to the right market, you may see rapid results.
  • Quit cheaply and quickly. If you’re unsuccessful, you need not worry about redundancies, leases or undoing shopfitting costs when dismantling your business.

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