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Credit Control

7. Working with Big Companies

Many start-ups, especially those selling services, find their early customers include big companies or public-sector bodies. Because getting cash in is so urgent for a small business you should be aware how different the culture of larger customers may be.

7.1 You need to know where invoices must go.

  • Your invoice may need to be sent for authorisation to the buyer you deal with.
  • Alternatively, invoices may have to be sent to the customer accounts manager or the bought ledger department.
  • You may need to be on an approved suppliers list.

7.2 Large organisations may decline to pay your invoice until they receive a statement.

  • Send statements as early as you can in the month, every month.

7.3 Your vital invoice may be gathering dust in someone's in-tray.

  • Call the buyer to ensure it has been signed off and put into the payment system.
  • Then phone the accounts office to confirm it has been received.

7.4 You must not miss a payment run.

  • Many organisations will only pay invoices once a month.
  • Find out the date and call a few days before the payment date to ask for confirmation that you will be paid.
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