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Effective Selling
Right on Target
What Are You Trying to Do?
Reach the Decision-maker
Creating Interest
Do They Need Your Product?
Emphasise the Benefits
Objections to the Sale
Handling Objections
Closing the Sale
Legal Obligations

Effective Selling

4. Creating Interest

4.1 When you open a sale, establish right away that you are not wasting the prospect's time.

  • Make it clear you believe there are genuine benefits for the customer.

4.2 It helps to start by asking a series of questions which can only be answered 'Yes'.

This creates a positive momentum and helps you involve the prospect while progressing to the next thing you want to say.

Compare these examples:

  • Bad opening: 'I do injection moulding and I want to tell you about my services.' Response: 'I'm sorry, I'm not interested.'
  • Good opening: 'I have a small injection moulding shop and I gather you use plastic mouldings. Is that correct?'Response: 'Yes, we do.'
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