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Effective Selling
Right on Target
What Are You Trying to Do?
Reach the Decision-maker
Creating Interest
Do They Need Your Product?
Emphasise the Benefits
Objections to the Sale
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Closing the Sale
Legal Obligations

Effective Selling

6. Emphasise the Benefits

Once you know what the prospect is looking for, you can offer the solution - your product.

If a prospect is interested but undecided, remove any remaining doubts by explaining why your product is ideal.

6.1 Sell the benefits, not the features.

  • Feature: Teflon coating on saucepan.

6.2 Match benefits to the prospect's needs.

  • 'As you hate gardening, I'm sure you will appreciate the paved back garden.'

6.3 Quantify the benefits.

  • 'Insulating the loft would save you £75 a year. It will pay for itself in three years.'

6.4 Produce evidence to back up your claims.

  • Photos, cuttings, research reports and testimonials all help to reinforce the point.

6.5 Mention customers and their comments.

  • 'Customers tell me our umbrellas last longer because they are so well-made.'

6.6 Be prepared to discuss rival products, but provide proof of the advantages you offer.

  • For example, 'Independent studies prove we can give you lower lifetime running costs.'
  • Under the Business Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations it is an offence for businesses to advertise in a way that: compares products or materials that are not designed for the same purpose; confuses traders as to the advertiser and the competitor; or presents imitations of products bearing a trade mark.
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