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Effective Selling
Right on Target
What Are You Trying to Do?
Reach the Decision-maker
Creating Interest
Do They Need Your Product?
Emphasise the Benefits
Objections to the Sale
Handling Objections
Closing the Sale
Legal Obligations

Effective Selling

1. Right on Target

Your market research and understanding of your target customer plays a crucial part in successful selling. Before you contact a potential customer (a prospect), run down a list of key questions.

1.1 Does this person or company need my product or service?

1.2 Why does this customer need it?

  • What specific benefits will it provide?

1.3 Do I know enough about the customer's business?

1.4 Who is the customer's current supplier?

1.5 Has the customer got enough money?

  • It is no good selling to fellow start-ups that can't afford to buy from you.

1.6 Can I get an introduction?

1.7 Who is the decision-maker?

  • In a big company, do not waste energy selling to juniors with no budget authority. Try to get in front of someone with the power to make decisions and place orders.
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