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Effective Selling Techniques for Start-ups
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Effective Selling Techniques for Start-ups

How do I identify potential customers?

Before you go ahead and contact sales prospects, you need to do your homework and find out whether they actually need your product. Otherwise, most of your sales calls will be a waste of time. Before contacting anyone, establish the following:

  • Whether they need your product. Identify exactly why they will need it – the tangible benefits it will deliver over and above products they already use.
  • Who the customer’s current supplier is. You will need a compelling reason for the customer to choose you over them.
  • Their ability to pay. A cash-strapped business with no capital to invest in your product is a useless prospect.
  • Who the decision-maker is. Work out who has budget responsibility and can authorise purchases themselves. A common mistake made by start-ups is wasting their energy selling to someone with no authority to make business purchases.
  • Whether you can get an introduction. This will save you the time and hassle of cold-calling.

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