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Individual Savings Accounts (ISAs)
Where do I get an ISA?
Can I have an ISA?
What are the different sorts of Individual Savings Account?
What is a CAT standard ISA?
The CAT standards
How do I choose an ISA Manager?
Switching from one ISA manager to another
How many ISAs can I have?
How much can I put into ISAs?
What are the tax benefits of an ISA?
I am under 18 - can I have an ISA?
Can I put money into an ISA for my child?
What happens if I die?
What happens if I go abroad?
What if I pay into too many ISAs?
What if I want to take my money out of an ISA?
What happens if I change my mind?
Can I put shares from my employee share scheme into my ISA?
Can I put windfall or inherited shares in my ISA?
Can I get reports and accounts of the companies in my stocks and shares ISA?
What can the cash component of an ISA include?
ISA Stocks & Shares Component
Cash - Stocks & Shares or Insurance Components
ISA Life Insurance components
Changes - 6 April 2005?
Affects of 6 April 2005 Changes
Further Information - Changes 6 April 2005
Which ISA component April 2005?
Continue Paying into an ISA
ISA Insurance Policy and ISA Unit Trusts
Mini Cash ISA - Cash Deposit Component
What if I have a complaint?

Individual Savings Accounts (ISAs)

What is a CAT standard ISA?

The Government has laid down a set of standards to help savers find ISAs that offer reasonable Charges, easy Access, and fair Terms - which is why they are known as the 'CAT' standards.

You may want to see if the ISA you are considering meets the relevant standard. ISAs that do are likely to make this clear in their leaflets and posters.

CAT standard ISAs will not necessarily be suitable for all savers. If a product meets the CAT standards, it does not mean that the performance of the investment is guaranteed, or that the Government has approved the product.

Managers of CAT standard ISAs are committed to treating customers fairly. This means they use plain English and avoid complex or misleading features. In other words, CAT standard ISAs should be simple, clear and fair. CAT standard ISAs are available for sale on their own. Savers are not forced to buy any other product along with a CAT standard ISA.